A Step by Step Guide - How To Get Back An Ex Boyfriend

Published: 13th May 2009
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Sometimes a relationship ends when it shouldn't. If you're looking to get back an ex boyfriend, you'll need to know the right moves to make... and the wrong moves to avoid at all costs. Winning back in ex is possible no matter how you broke up, or how long ago it happened.

We've all had heartbreak, and we've all felt the pain of lost love. But at the same time, most women just sit back and watch the man they love walk away from them. Why do that, when there's ways to fight for your man back? Getting back with your ex is always possible. Before you doubt that statement, just think: thousands of couples get reconnected each day. When looking to make up with your ex boyfriend, the following three steps are a fantastic start:

STEP 1 - Start by accepting your breakup. This sounds simple, but often it's not. Many women refuse to believe their relationship is over, and end up trying to hang onto something that's not there. Your ex will see you doing this and be very much turned off by it. Desperation and denial are not desirable traits, and your exboyfriend will see you in much different (and more pitiful) light for it. No matter how badly you feel about him dumping you, you'll need to suck it up and accept that it happened before you can even think of getting back together with your ex.

STEP 2 - Disappear from his sight. When a guy breaks up with a girl, he's looking to see her reaction. Whether he acts like he cares or not, he wants to see you depressed, forlorn, and feeling badly that you're not with him anymore. His not being vindictive here, this is purely for his ego. His mind wants to convince him that he's something to be desired... seeing you depressed makes him believe this. Don't let that happen.

By disappearing from view, suddenly your ex is wondering what you're up to. The biggest part of getting back together with your ex involves making him want you back. By not seeing you and wondering what you're up to (and who you're with), you're keeping yourself on his mind without seeing or contacting him. This is a huge asset later on, during the process of how to win back an ex boyfriend.

STEP 3 - Take away his safety net. No matter how badly you broke up or how final it might seem, your ex always wants to know the door is open, on your end, just in case he wants to go back. Guys know they make mistakes, so it's always nice to realize you can go backward and rekindle your romance if you change your mind. You might think it's a good idea for you to leave that door open for him, but actually it's just the opposite! By closing that door, your ex will begin to panic that you won't always be around.

If you lay low after the breakup, your ex might seek you out. If he gives you the dreaded offer to be "friends", you've got to at first refuse it. If he tries to make casual contact such as picking up something he left at your house, you've got to blow him off. He needs to realize (and be scared by) the fact that maybe the breakup is final on his end too. Don't let him contact you saying he's "worried about you" or anything like that - he's more worried about himself, and the fact that his relationship safety net is suddenly gone. All guys want to know they can go back into an ex-relationship - by taking this away from him it's a big step toward making your ex boyfriend want you back.

These are just the first three steps of the eight step process to winning back your boyfriend. For the complete, detailed guide on how to make your ex want you back, be sure to visit How To Get Back An Ex Boyfriend!

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