Definite Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

Published: 01st July 2009
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Trying to get back together with your ex girlfriend? Not sure where you stand? Before you can fix your break up, you'll need to know how to identify the signs that your ex wants you back. The following guidelines can be used to recognize the signs and signals that your exgirlfriend is about ready to date you again.

When your ex is finally ready to reconcile your relationship, she's going to give off several different signals. The strange part? Some of them she won't even know about. Subconsciously, your ex will make moves that indicate you should proceed. She'll use words, body language, and other ways to give you the green light that she's ready to get back together. By knowing how to identify these changes in the way she sees you, you can work with them. This is one of the key ways to win back an ex girlfriend.

Below are some of the strongest signs that your exgirlfriend wants you back:

Your Ex Stays In Touch - If your girlfriend broke up with you and decided it was over, she'd be out of your life pretty quickly. But if your ex is still in constant contact with you (and not just contact you initiated, but actually calling or emailing you on her own), it's always a great sign. Whether she's calling you on the phone, talking face to face, or even sending you a text message or two, these are indications she's still interested in you as more than a friend. And if she's hiding this communication from friends, or a new boyfriend? It's an even bigger sign.

She Goes Out Of Her Way To See You - Physically seeing an ex after you've broken up is always a strong indication that one or both of you still aren't over the relationship. If your ex is meeting you for quick visits, a cup off coffee, or maybe even lunch or dinner, chances are she's trying to tell you something. She doesn't need to outright say much, so you should be watching her body language for signs that it's okay to come on. Any time an ex keeps communication with you, it's good. She's leaving the door to the relationship open, in case she wants to reverse the break up. Make her comfortable when she does show up, by keeping your conversation happy, light, casual and fun. Over time, she'll open up even further, emotionally.

Your Ex Asks About Your Love Life (or Tells You About Hers) - These two signs go hand in hand, and they're a huge indication that your exgirlfriend might want you back. Even though she broke up with you, your ex has been keeping in touch. Many girls do this so they can monitor your own situation - your ex doesn't want you moving on if she's still attracted to you. In fact, no woman wants her exboyfriend to begin dating another girl... at least until she's moved on herself. So if your ex asks about your own situation? It's a really good sign. And if she starts telling you she doesn't have a boyfriend of her own, she's putting out feelers to see if you're still interested.

She Changes The Way She Acts Toward You - This is one of the final stages, post-breakup, that your ex is looking to get back together. Remember when your ex first broke up with you, and treated everything she said and did with you very carefully? If suddenly she's emotionally close again, she's thrown that caution out the window for a reason. Once your exgirlfriend begins coming onto you again with affection, compliments, and all kinds of other attention, it's a big sign that she wants you back. Something has probably changed her mind. As she gets flirty, flirt back with her. Let her take it wherever she wants, and follow her lead.

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