Getting Your ExBoyfriend Back From Another Girl

Published: 15th June 2009
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Looking to fix your breakup, but your exboyfriend is already dating another girl? This is the worst nightmare for those wanting to get back together with an ex. But don't lose hope! There are ways of winning back your boyfriend no matter what the situation, even if he started dating again. The following techniques and methods will help you on the path to reversing this situation.

Sometimes you break up, and before you can salvage the relationship your ex moves on without you. If this happened, there's a good chance your ex is wrapped up in nothing more than a rebound relationship. If your boyfriend left you to see another girl, you need to know the exact steps to take in order to get him to want you back. That one little goal will take time... it won't happen today or tomorrow, so you've got to be patient. However, if you're strong-willed, determined, and willing to see things through? You will eventually win your boyfriend back. Know this in your heart, and feel it.

Accept The Fact That He's Dating - You can't get your ex back if you're in denial. By accepting the fact that your boyfriend has a new girl in his life, you're instantly giving off the signals that you're once again approachable. You must understand (and give off the vibe that you understand) that your current relationship has come to an end. Up until you manage to do this, your ex is going to avoid you at all costs. He's going to think of you as a jilted lover, and he's going to want to protect his new love interest from the jealousy you might display. It's not that your exboyfriend doesn't love you anymore, but he probably doesn't miss you - right now at least. He won't miss you until the honeymoon with his new girl is over, and until you disappear from his sight for a while.

Don't Badmouth His New Girlfriend - Saying negative things about his new girlfriend is a sure way to push your exboyfriend in the opposite direction. As tough as it is, you must avoid doing this. And not only in front of him, but in front of your friends too (because it'll get back to him and you know it will). No matter who she is or how bad you think she is for him, he's going to take anything you say as pure jealousy. Your words and actions will put him on the defensive, and he'll look to avoid you as much as possible. You need to silently ride out the beginning stages of his relationship, and wait until he's finally comfortable around you again. This will be a much faster transition if you can avoid saying negative things about this girl, and only then can you begin working toward your ultimate goal: to win back your ex boyfriend.

Disappear From View For a While - The biggest mistake girls make while trying to get back an ex is to always be around. Letting go of your ex can be tough, especially if you feel like you're letting him go into the arms of another woman. You're not, though. Not only is he already in her arms, but you're only temporarily dropping out of sight to give your ex a chance to experience life without you. By putting him out of your head for a while, you're giving the both of you a rest. You don't have to obsess over what he's doing, and you're also making your ex miss you. It won't be long before your exboyfriend starts wondering where you went, why you're not around, and what you're up to. Don't contact your ex, call him, or email him. Don't talk to his friends or ask about him. Become invisible, and your ex will start getting nervous that the door to your past relationship is closing. No guy wants that door to close all the way - they always want to leave it open just a crack, in case they change their mind. By putting your boyfriend out of his comfort zone, you're taking a very large step in the direction to make your ex want you back.

Reconnecting With Your Ex - After you've been patient, cool, accepting, and you've dropped off your exboyfriend's map for a while... he'll most likely initiate some sort of exboyfriend contact again. When he does, you'll need to know how to handle it - there are do's and don'ts to connecting with an ex boyfriend that can lead to fixing your breakup or driving him further away. If he doesn't contact you, there are lots of ways you can innocently (and not-so-innocently) re-establish contact without him realizing what you did. These methods are an important part of getting back together with your ex.

When you do reconnect, you'll need to let him know you're happy for him in his new relationship. Are you really? Of course not, but by doing this you're bringing his guard down and allowing himself to feel comfortable around you again. Getting your ex back is all about making them feel comfortable. You need to establish a sort of intimate friendship with your now ex-boyfriend so the two of you can connect again. Once you do, he'll eventually reach out to you for advice on many things, including his new relationship. Speaking to you on the side will be fun, familiar, and a little bit of a dirty little secret that will excite him and stroke his ego. This type of contact will make him happy, and he'll begin focusing more on you and less on what's going on with his ex. There are lots of methods you can use to interject yourself back into his life without his new girlfriend knowing or realizing it, and once you're there you can begin chipping away at the mortar that holds their relationship together.

These are only the first few steps to getting your ex back from another girl. To see what to do next, check out Winning Him Back. And for the complete, 8-Step guide to fixing your break up, be sure to check out how to Get Back An Ex Boyfriend!

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