The Step by Step Guide on How To Get Back an Ex Girlfriend

Published: 10th June 2009
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When a girl breaks up with you, there's always a way to fix it. Some guys will succeed in getting back with their ex, and others will fail. The difference? Some knew the right moves to make, and which wrong ones to avoid at all costs. If you're looking to win back your ex, the following guide covers some of the best opening moves.

Remember that your break up doesn't have to be permanent. If your girlfriend dumped you unexpectedly, you'll need to take control by being proactive. The only way to change the outcome of your current situation is by finding your ex-girlfriend's emotional hot buttons... and then pushing them in the right order. Just think of all the broken up couples who get back together each day. While trying to fix your break up, you'll need to start with a good beginning.

The first thing to do: accept your break up. This might sound easy but it's sometimes not. So many guys go right into denial when their girlfriends tell them their relationship is over. They waste time desperately trying to hang onto something that's already gone. And you know what? Your ex is watching you doing this. This is a huge turn-off to any girl, and you're going to lose a lot of her respect - respect you'll need later on in making her want you again. So when you get dumped? Man up. Get over it, and accept the fact that your relationship is at an end. This is the first big step toward getting back with your ex.

The next thing is vital: you need to totally disappear. Drop out of your ex girlfriend's sight as quickly as you can, before she can see how you react to losing her. No matter how she acts or what she says, your ex is expecting to see you react in some way. She wants to see you upset and depressed that you're not together anymore. This is entirely for her benefit, not to intentionally hurt you in any way. Your ex is inwardly looking for reassurance that you cared about her in the first place. So shouldn't you show her you care? Nope. In this scenario, you should be doing the exact opposite. Becoming invisible is the fastest way to get back into your ex girlfriend's head, and this is one of the earliest stages involved in making her ex want you again.

Beyond that, your next move is to remove the safety net she's using to cradle your relationship. No matter how final she made the break up appear, every girl who breaks up with you does the exact same thing: leave the door to the relationship open ever so slightly. Your ex did this just for one simple reason: so she could erase an easy mistake. Just in case she decides she made the wrong decision, the door isn't fully closed. It's always nice to know your ex will come back to you at a the drop of a hat. Again, this is why you shouldn't be in view at all. One of the worst things you can do right now is stick around, visibly waiting for her to decide whether or not she wants to get back with you.

By grabbing that door and pulling it ever so slightly toward you... you're going to scare your ex to death. Suddenly she'll have to face life without you in it. When she's not sure whether you'll come back to her or not, it forces her to ask hard questions. As soon as your ex feels alone, that's when she'll suddenly feel the need to reach out to you... just to see that you're still there. And hey, guess what? You won't be. At least, not initially. The panic that ensues will be unlike anything she's had to feel so far, and this is exactly what you want.

Disappearing after your break up is always the best move. Turn off your cellphone, and don't answer emails. Ignore her requests for contact, and turn away at the first sign that she's trying to "be friends" with you. To win back an ex girlfriend, you'll need to drive her out of her comfort zone. The very best way to get her scared? By doing lots and lots of nothing.

These are just the first few steps to winning back your girlfriend. For the complete, detailed guide on how to make your ex want you back, be sure to visit How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend!

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